Process Vessels & Mixing Solutions

  1. Media /Buffer Preparation Vessel
  2. Harvest Vessel/Collection Tank
  3. Blending Vessel
  4. Crystallizer
  5. Storage Vessel
  6. Mixing Vessel

    In focus: Your product
    A Process Vessel or bioreactor barely comes close to another in all its details. The optimum design of process vessels,skids and units always is an individual solution, perfectly adapted to our customers’ production activities.But whatever you requirement,it is always the product that defines the technology – not vice versa – and the goal is a process of contant quality that remains transparent at any time.

    Components or comprehensive solutions?

    The modular concept of our systems enables solutions ranging from single components to complete production lines, specifically designed to your needs. On the basis of a realistic cost analysis, the Katalyst process systems Engineers prepare a detailed construction design for your project.Many years of experience in stainless steel treatment resulta in the first –class production & assembly of plant components & modules.In addition to the Process Vessels, Katalyst also provides the peripheral equipment including piping, controls, assembly,platforms & start up of complex turn-key units & lines. This wide scope allows creative project solutions. The engineering is clever and sometimes straightforward – but always made-to-measure.

    For the Fabrication of our vessels & skids we apply stainless(SS 316L,SS 316,SS 304) & Special alloy steels .The surface roughness and Electropolishing is executed according to our customer’s requirements with a surface roughness of up to Ra <0.2µ. Our Vessels are availablein capacities between 5 to 10,000 litres. The size of the platform is not subject to limitation. Particularly in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industries, the surface finish is important & an average surface roughness is standard.

    We offer modern CNC grinding technology, Laser cutting, CNC & VMC Milling, plasma cutting, tig welding ,orbital welding, semi automatic buffing(mirror polish) pickling ,Electropolishing & Passivation for our Vessels.

    High safety standards take center stage. Prior to delivery , our equipment is subject to extensive quality control procedures like non- destructive material test, X – ray, Boroscopy, Hydro test, Pressure Pneumatic Test, Florescence and riboflavin tests(Spray Ball Coverage Test). for CIP cleaning

    Our process vessels are designed & engineered to allow:

    • Minimal space requirement
    • Easy maintenance
    • Easy integration with plant facility
    • Flexible range
    • Flexible configuration
    • Compliance to ASME BPE guidelines, ensuring cleanability, drainability and sterilizability
  7. Agitators

    Katalyst Process vessels can be equipped with various mixing solutions as per the process demand. Whether it is used for Sterile solutions, Syrup, Human insulin, Plasma fractions, Serums, Bacterial and cell cultures or highly viscous gels, Katalyst mixing solutions are there for you. Various types of mixers and agitators are used in our Industry, few are listed below.

    1. Bottom/TOP mounted agitators
      We also manufacture a standard bottom entry, steam flushed seal, aseptic agitator, which we have designed and is installed on many of our Aseptic Pressure Vessels, throughout Biotech & Pharma Industry.
    2. Magnetic Mixers – Top Mounted or Bottom Mounted

      Majorly used for ultra sterile operations. The vessels shell is not penetrated and there are no mechanical seals. It also prevents toxic high value media from leaking out of the vessel.

      Also various manufactures like (Novaseptic, Steridose, KWENG etc) has suitable models for higher viscosities. Magnetic mixers are available both in Top mounted as well as Bottom mounted. It offers great batch flexibility, because a relatively small volume of product will cover the impeller mounted very close to the vessel bottom. Also bottom mounting leaves the top vessel clear for easy vessel access and maintenance.

      Bottom magnetic mixers have a drive mechanism that can be removed quickly and easily it is a major advantage, because small vessels can then be autoclaved rather than sterilized in space (if preferred).

      All product contact parts are SS316L with Special grade tungsten carbide bearing surfaces. It allows smooth trouble free operation and an integral part of the impeller head and carriers.

      The open impeller design allows easy cleaning and can easily be removed for separate CIP/SIP.

      Bottom magnetic mixers are cost effective solution as it consumes less power compared to conventional agitation systems. It can mix till the last drop and due to low stress forces it causes less damage to your product.

      Katalyst systems are equipped with variable frequency drives (VFD) to measure and control the RPM during the batch.

    3. Vibromixer – Lab Scale & Pilot Scale

      Whether our user need a vibromixer for lab scale or for industrial scale we have the appropriate mixing solutions. Katalyst recommend Vibromixer from DrM-"FundaMix", a proven technology for mixing using a 1/10th the energy of conventional rotary mixers, without compromising mixing performance. In addition as there are no rotating parts, the seals are much simpler and 100% reliable providing high containment.

      With few moving parts the mixers are more cost effective, reliable in long term service and easy to maintain. Vibrometer controller can be controlled by external 4-20mA signal from the PCS.

      • Vaccine Production
      • Sterile feed tanks
      • Chemical reaction vessels
      • Pain mixing
      • Flavor Manufacturing
      • Dairy Applications