Heat Exchangers

In order to achieve optimum temperature control in various biopharmaceutical, Pharma applications the vessels /tanks, we offer unique heat transfer systems from renowned leaders like HRS, SWEP etc. All types of Heat exchangers can supplied like Pipe in Pipe, Shell & Tube, and Brazed plate Types, also the customized ones to suit the user specific requirements. We also supply Heat exchangers for various applications in Chemical, Diary, and Food & Beverage Industry.

We also offer Pure Steam Heat Exchanger – WFI Generation (30 Lph to higher capacities).These heat exchanger are made of corrugated tubes.

Silent Features:

  • Resistant to high internal operating pressures.
  • Robust and Compact design.
  • Small wall finish (dirt resistant).
  • Mechanical Mirror polished (up to Ra ≤0.4), Passivated & Electro polished.
  • Optimum Hygiene.
  • Excellent Control of temperature distribution.
  • TEMA Standards.
  1. Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
  2. Pipe in Pipe Heat Exchangers
  3. Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers