Katalyst Bio Engineering designs and delivers process plants for the upstream process

  • Media preparation
  • Fermentation
    Bioreactors for microbial fermentation, suspension culture of mammalian cells, culture of adherent animal cells on microcarriers.
    Bioreactor technologies:
    • Microbial fermentation - batch, fed batch
    • Cell culture - batch, fed batch, continuously with perfusion (recovery of cell-free culture supernatants), dialysis fermenters (Removal of growth/product formation-inhibiting by products from the fermentation medium)

Prefabricated plants:

  • Pilot plants for clinical batch production
  • Multiline fermentation plants with growing, preculturing, and production bioreactors

Areas of application:

Microbial fermentation: production of active pharmaceutical ingredients with recombinant microorganisms, production of enzymes and hormones

Cell culture: production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (enzymes and hormones), production of monoclonal antibodies for therapeutic and diagnostic applications, production of virus vaccines.

Fermentor System

Technical Specifications

  • Filling Volume : 65-80%
  • Material : Wetted parts are SS316L, and others is SS304
  • Surface Finish : inside surface is 0.28-0.6µm by electro polished surface
    is 0.4-0.8µm by satin finish.
  • Agitation
    • Fermentor use SEW / Bonfigloli decelerator
    • top mechanical agitator with two layer six blade impeller,
      one layer defoamer and four baffles.
    • mechanical seal (single or double mechanical seal)
    • speed range: 50-400rpm (it depends on the size of the vessel)
      Bottom mounted Magnetic mixer with speed variation from
      20 to 400 RPM
  • Equips of vessel
    • using alcohol flame inoculation
    • Sterilizable sampling and Flush bottom valve
    • CIP & SIP system inbuilt.
    • PH, DO, temp. Sensor on lower side, side glass, top with foam
      and level probe, and 12v sight glass with lamp, etc.
    • Construction : Floor-type One Fermentor vessel with one
      control system

Major components and controls of system :

  • pH :
    • On-line check and measure, and digitization fully automatic control
    • pH, acid and base gang control. Peristaltic pump automatically adjust to feed acid and base
    • Control range 2-12pH, measure precision±0.01 pH, control precision±0.1 pH
    • It has auto alarm function
    • pH sensor and signal transmission line, Mettler toledo
  • DO :
    • On-line check and measure, cascade with rpm; digital display.
    • Range 0-100% or 0-200%, precision ±1%;
    • It has auto alarm function
    • DO sensor and signal transmission line, Mettler toledo
  • Foam control :
    • Automatically control and automatically alarm
    • Stainless steel electrode check, peristaltic pump automatically add defoamer.
  • Feed control :
    • Automatically control and automatically alarm
    • Stainless steel electrode check, peristaltic pump automatically feeding
  • Temp. control :
    • PID fully digitization signal processing, digitization control settings
    • Circulating water automatically control temperature
    • Measure range 0-150degree, control range 15- 45degree,control precision±0.2degree
    • Pt 100 O temp. Sensor
    • System with electrical heater to control the temp inside vessel (optional)
    • Heat Exchangers for Temperature Control & Maintenance (standard system)
    • water pump circulation
    • solenoid valve to control
  • Rotate speed :
    • Automatically control , with auto alarm function
    • Siemens frequency converter to adjust the speed
  • Pressure :
    • Manually adjusting with pressure gauge and manual valve (standard system)
    • Automatically adjusting with pressure transmitter and PID valve and pneumatic valves (optional)
  • Air flow :
    • Manually adjusting with rotor meter and manual valve (standard system)
    • Automatically adjusting with mass-flow meter and pneumatic valves (optional)
    • Air in filter, tail gas filter, with Validated Filter cartridge, precision 0.2µm.
  • Sterilization :
    • Fermentation vessel can be SIP by connecting with steam
    • Automatic control with pneumatic valves
  • Control: Siemens PLC, and Siemens 9” touch screen(HMI) and Katalyst Bio Engineering program.

Bioreactor System

Katalyst Bio Engineering manufactures stainless steel pilot scale to production scale Bioreactors which are customized as per the process needs suitable for cultivation of animal cell culture.

Our bioreactors utilize robust, industry-standard components of reputed makes for easy integration into any production facility.

For optimal performance, our designs come with the following advantages:

  • Minimum space requirement
  • Optimized design
  • Range: 5 – 10000 liters (Customizable to user requirements)
  • Skid-mounted structure
  • Mechanical / Magnetic – low shear Agitator ( Top / Bottom Mounted)
  • Gas mixing station
  • Flexibility in configuration to meet the budgets
  • Design conforms to ASME BPE and GAMP 5 guidelines
  • Material of construction
    • Parts in contact with the media: SS 316 L
    • Internal surface Ra <= 0.4, Electro polished
  • Single / double mechanical seal
  • Designed for easy access during operation and routine maintenance
  • PLC control system with HMI or SCADA
  • Configurable control loops
  • Safety features to protect the batch in case of any component failure