We offers all engineering services needed for the construction of biotechnology-based pharmaceutical plants or others.

From feasibility studies to detailed 3D planning, Katalyst Bio Engineering offers all engineering services needed for the construction of biotechnology-based pharmaceutical plants or others. In doing so, we go by the requirements (URS) and standards of our clients, thus enabling us to provide custom solutions or develop them in collaboration with the client. A well-trained team of process engineers, technicians, and CAD experts is available for all project phases, whether for designing completely new plants, plant components, or remodeling existing plants.

Starting with the block flow diagram (BFD), the process flow diagram (PFD), and finally the piping and instrumentation diagrams (PIDs), we employ our know-how and flexible engineering tools to prepare the basic documents for each plant, following the requirements of the process and the operator to the letter.

At the same time, important information such as load diagrams, space heating loads, connected wattages, and the needs for supply and disposal systems is generated, which we then provide to the various other trades for further planning.

Process analysis and process modeling (Time & Motion Studies) enable the generation of time flows and the early detection of problem areas. With the aid of mass and energy balances, equipment parameters are determined and specifications are drawn up, according to which the equipment can then be ordered and purchased. Our team also covers all of the other technical procurement support aspects.

In order to minimize on site assembly times, we can offer a complete plant assembly in our own prefabrication shop. The specified basic requirements (e.g., rack sizes, qualification groups, installation sizes, etc.) are optimally implemented in engineering and during the plant assembly. We perform an FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) jointly with the client. We deliver the plant Just in Time and connect it to the supply lines.
Naturally we also offer plant startup and testing services. We are no strangers to document preparation and management according to GMP guidelines. In addition to startup, Katalyst Bio Engineering places special emphasis on training the future operator.
With the aid of the 2D layout, we plan the pipe routes and make a complete 3D model of the plant, which serves as the basis for configuring the pipe work.

The automation plan is prepared in conjunction therewith.

What level of automation do we need for our plant? Which hardware manufacturers - system suppliers would be suitable for the plant? What do we need to be aware of as far as interfaces with other systems are concerned? What costs are entailed in specification, programming, testing, and startup? How are already existing systems integrated?

All of these questions and others as well come up in the scope of developing a concept for the automation of a pharmaceutical process plant. We get together with our clients and discuss the advantages and disadvantages with reference to different versions, so that we can design and construct the process plant with the needs of the future operators in mind.

All planning and design steps are documented according to the Katalyst Bio Engineering quality management system, in order to ensure complete traceability.

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