Offering high technology turnkey plants to the world since 2005

As a company Katalyst Bio Engineering has been offering high technology turnkey plants for the world since 2005.

We offer turkey plants and process solutions for the production of high quality, Biopharmaceutical, Pharma, Dairy, food & beverages with highest priority on the production efficiency. We offer flexible, speedy, and efficient and high technology services on various levels, from the production of process equipment to process engineering, from factory start-up to personal development, etc.

With works at Peenya (Bangalore) we design, manage and deliver complex process driven projects for our clients throughout India and Abroad.

As a trusted design partner, we offer first class cost effective design solutions where “Each client is a partner, every project is a reference” to our local and multinational clients.

KBE is a privately owned company with an exclusive focus on project delivery.

Our expertise and experience consistently secures repeat business and references. We set the bench mark in this sector for safety, quality, delivery and cost effectiveness in design and project delivery.

Based on the requirements of our customers, we conduct various quality control and quality tests. The tests are conducted under the observation of the auditing firms that we work with. With our up-to-date technology, professional welders and engineers certified by TÜV, we are here to provide you all solutions from one single source.

We have developed a “can do” rewarding culture within the business a strong company ethos, with a sense of common purchase and pride in our designs. The unique combination of skills and experience guarantee our partners safe, quality, robust and cost efficient designs.