Bio Waste Inactivation System

The Katalyst Bio Engineering BioWaste Effluent Treatment System or Inactivation Plant as it is sometimes called is a state of the art design where nothing has been left to chance. When dealing with ACDP Bio Level 2 to 4 effluent treatment systems must take into account two main areas of concern. Firstly the system should be able to effectively sterilize or inactivate any harmful pathogens that will be released into the environment, and secondly total containment must be assured at all times

The systems are engineered to be robust & reliable and are available with any number of collection and treatment vessels with capacities to suit the waste volume. The systems are based on standard modules with individual unit’s custom designed for your specific requirement and cGMP applications.

In addition it is desirable that the system cools the effluent to less than 60°C before discharge and to maintain a suitable level of pH although a range shall be made available of between 30°C - 80°C.Furthermore any solid particles within the system should be kept in suspension by the use of agitators; larger solids should be macerated before entering the kill tanks. Ideally the system should be totally Sterilizable and cleanable.

We use SS 316L (contact parts) & SS 304 (non contact parts) for manufacturing. ASME BPE, cGMP, 21 CFR Part 11 design standards and certified fully welded construction ensures best available liquid containment. Systems are designed so that it is fully drainable & crevice free.

Flexible range of automation levels are available, starting from low level semi – automated systems, through low and mid level PLC & HMI versions, to advanced SCADA based systems. Also Industrial PC’s (Siemens Specifications) can be integrated to the system.

Silent features:

  • Flexible range
  • Skidded System
  • Agitation (Top / Bottom Mounted Agitators)
  • Compact Design
  • Convenient for operation and routine maintenance