We provide a solid platform for your electricity, instrumentation, and automation.

We provide a solid platform for your electricity, instrumentation, and automation (EIA).
Integrated, comprehensive structures for EIA equipment assure cohesion throughout the life cycle of a pharmaceutical plant. In close cooperation with clients, subcontractors, and our specialists in process engineering, apparatus construction, and EIA equipment, we offer the following spectrum of services:

  • Budget planning
  • Basic Engineering
  • Detail Engineering
  • SW specification
  • SW design
  • Startup
  • FAT, SAT, IQ and OQ as the basis for qualification and validation

SW = Software
FAT = Factory Acceptance Test
SAT = Site Acceptance Test
IQ = Installation Qualification
OQ = Operational Qualification

The descriptions of the operations of a biopharmaceutical process plant include not only the phase specifications defining the partial sequences of the process as modules, but also super ordinate plant functionalities, control system descriptions, and I/O lists. All of these functional descriptions can be created, edited, and revised, and also managed, with the automation tool.

Phase specifications are used to describe partial sequences of the process and are therefore also referred to as sequencers or sequential controls. The required switching statuses of actuators, use of sensors, definition of parameters, communication with other phases, procedures in emergency situations, etc., are just some of the contents that need to be specified.

All of the interlocks (e.g., procedure for excess pressure) relevant to plant and personnel safety are defined in the super ordinate plant operations.

The functionality of control systems, their actuators and sensors, as well as interaction with the phases is specified in the descriptions of the control systems. These descriptions employ a diagram for clarification of the control strategy and exemplification of input and output parameters. Internal and external parameters and the application thereof round out the specifications of the control systems.